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Privacy Policy

Graphic4 LLC requires 50% of the estimated project cost in advance and the balance upon acceptance of product but prior to upload to your server. For all projects less than $500, we require 100% payment. You will never have to accept something you don’t like. We work with you from the beginning in a way that usually permits us to surprise you with something pleasing pretty quickly. In the instance where we have determined that this just isn’t working out for us, we send you back 90 % of your advance payment. We keep 10% as gateway and bank expenses. If during the course of the work you are unable to provide us with necessary information, materials or feedback in a timely manner when requested it could become necessary to reschedule your developer to other jobs while we are waiting. This may result in your project losing its place in queue and result in substantial delay. You may assume that this will not occur for at least a week after we make such a request. If we request materials, information, decisions, or approvals from you that we need to complete the work, and you do not provide them within fifteen days of our request, we will deem the work to be completed and all payments due. In case we have to refund your initial payment, we ask that intellectual property rights be respected: Our product ownership stays with us unless it is paid for in full. We do not offer refund for pre-approved design work. The 50% balance payment is due not later than 10 days after project completion.